Invitation to Ajmer Sharif Dargah 808th Urs – 1441 Hijri- 2020

I am glad to inform you that Annual Urs of Hazoor Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) Wali of Allah! Is held from 1st Rajab to 6th Rajab every year at Ajmer Sharif. Please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for Updated information on all Festivities and Prayers and other special Occasions held at the Dargah of Ajmer Sharif.

On the visibility of moon from 1st Rajab to 6th Rajab, special bath (Ghusal) is given at 1:00 A.M (midnight) regular for six days by me Haji Peer Syed Farough Ahmed Chishty Niazi & Sons. Sandal Sharif is also presented at the tomb during the above these days. After this the Duago prays for all zaireens.

Inspired by the spiritual command of our PROPHET MOHAMMED (S.A.W), HUZOOR KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) became the harbinger of peace and prosperity not only in INDIA but in whole world. People used to attend the shrine of Hzrt Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty Ajmeri (R.A) with their heartfelt desire and cherished wishes and return brim full with fruition of their inner aspiration.

Brothers & Sisters! I am glad to invite you in this Mubarak and auspicious Urs if you or any of your kith and kin intend to visit the holy shrine during Urs or any other time inform me so that I may make all you necessary arrangement of lodging and boarding in Ajmer Sharif, free of cost.

As a true disciple and khadim of HUZOOR KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ (R.A) and also having kinship with this holy saint I perform all religious and spiritual services ceremonies at the holy “CHISHTY DARBAR” in case you find unable to attend the occasion of Urs you may take part by sending your contribution to me through cheque, postal-order or demand draft and earn heavenly reward. Your contributions will be used in the Holy works connected with the DARBAR OF HUZOOR khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty Ajmeri (R.A) during the URS and after that, sacred Tabarukaats (Blessed Offerings from the Shrine) will be sent to you through post.

“May ALLAH PAK & NABI-E-KARIM (S.A.W) through the mediation of the blessing of
Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) pour fourth choicest blessing on you and on your whole family.”

Ameen sum Ameen!

Kind Regards & Salaam

Haji Peer Syed Farough Ahmed- Chishty Niazi, 

Cheif Moallim and Gaddi Nashin (Caretaker and key holder)

0091 982 917 2652 or 0091 998 334 8428 (Whats App! Enabled)

Ajmer Sharif Dargah –India
Ahmedabad House
Pannigran Chowk
Ajmer sharif Dargah
Ajmer – 305001,

Email: [email protected]

All donations for Ajmer Shaif Dargah can be deposited in the following account:

Haji Farough Ahmed Niazi,
ACCOUNT NO: 00330110073902.
AJMER 305001


Ajmer sharif Dargah (India) is registered charity in England and wales No: 1776945.

Urs dates are dependant on Lunar dates in the month of Rajab. Thus, subject to change.

808th Urs Itinerary :  

Wednesday 19th Feb 2020 Flag Ceremony.

Saturday 25th Feb 2020 Urs Begins Jannati Darwaza opens on this day.

Friday 28th Feb 2020 Namaz-e-Jumma.

Monday 2nd March 2020 Chattie Sharif (Jannati Darwaz will be closed) – This occasion is dependant on Lunar date of the month thus can change.

Thursday 5th March 2020 Bara Qul.  

Jumma Mubarak !! ..Bara QUL (Ghusal)

On the 9th of Rajab ,Friday 7th April 2017 ,  Mazare -Aqdas is washed by rose water Thus concluding the Annual Urs of Ajmer Sharif -INDIA. The Shrine it self is given Ablution by the Khadims (Custodians – Key holders) only. The rest of the Dargah demise is washed by all the public in attendance with Rose Water. The scent within close proximity of the Dargah is highly spiritually charged and inspiring .

Qul Day- 6th RAJAB -Annual Event during Urs Sharif.

Khadims (Custodians & Caretakers) in Prayer at the Shrine of Khwaja Sahib
Khadims (Custodians & Caretakers) in Prayer at the Shrine of Khwaja Sahib

The 6th day of Rajab ( Tuesday 4th April 2017) , The Ceremony of Qul is held. This is considered to be the most important day during Urs. People just after morning prayer begin to gather in Dargah premises around the Holy shrine as closest as possible. They recite Holy Quran, Darood, etc all the time and pray for the blessings from the Holy Saint.
  People are stopped from entering into the shrine  Except  Khadims. Basically the enrance to the Tomb is closed from 10am to all public. The Khadims (The Real Custodians of the shrine) Start Qul Ceremony by reciting Quran, Darood and Shajra-e-Chishtiyah & other verses. They Pray for the benefit of  all the people throughout the world for Peace, Prosperity, Health & happiness and also for the blessing of the Holy Saint for all those whom attended the Urs personally or contributed in Fathia by sedning their devotional amount ( Nazar o Niaz) by money order and Drafts for Urs Function through Khadims.


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