Life is a big game!……Sufi Mystics!

This game can be played by one who knows the tricks of the game.
The game of life can be won by those who have understood that passions are unruly cattle,and they should be kept chained up and under the government of self control and prudence; passions, if not contained,become our masters.
Once they become our masters,they will drag us through hill and dale, mountain and valley, river and rivulets. They thus, acting as unbridled horses, will inflict injuries and cause us mischief. This calls for the control of the mind.
According of the Sufi mystics, he alone is a real conqueror who has controlled his passions.

Passions should be distinguished from sentiments.

Sentiments are good but to be sentimental is bad,for to be sentimental means and implies loss of self control.
To have fine sentiments,we must have receptive heart, but a human heart beats so hard that it refuses to be broken easily. It is so to say, a fallow land unfit for cultivation; to make it culture-able and to enable it to grow crops is the task the trained Sufi mystics have assigned to themselves.
The human heart is to be cleansed of thorns, thistles, bushes, grass, weeds and wild flowers. It needs to be cleared so that it may yield a thick crop in the shape of the fruit of regenerate soul, hence it requires  good seed,ploughing,drainage,water and fertilizers.

“Absent thee from Felicity awhile”

Watch the cavalcade of humanity proceeding on towards the destined Goal.
I think it is proper and appropriate,for all of us here to remember and to recall,with humility and gratitude,all the Sufi mystics,who, in spite of their being of different climes,countries,colour,caste and  professing different religions,came at short notice to the rescue of the world.

The world is an old woman

In spite of the fact that her youth is passed,she still attracts people, who, fall prey to her machinations and deceit.
She has always been dull dictionary of fancied advances, humble utilities, frivolous notions and sceptical norms, abject submissions, adamantine rigidity, affected indifference, aggressive selfishness, aimless confusion, avenging faith, brittle sarcasm, callous indifference, conflicting influences, diverting interests, expeditionary forces, explosive violence, faded splendour, glaring chaos, gloomy consolation, intoxicating industry, invincible ignorance, laboured nothings, overbearing arrogance, passive obedience, selfish existence, unaffected sentiment, vacant stupidity, vile conceit and wild unrest.

In such a world exploitation is inevitable.

The strong exploit the weak; the rich exploit the poor,the educated exploit the uneducated.
In order to be saved from exploitation, people formed groups and associations, and invoked the law.
Those commanding influence and power took as their slogan ” Might is right”, the weak and the helpless waited in patient, deep disdain for the day when right will come to be accepted as might.
In other words, When ” Right is Might” will be the accepted creed of the society.

The so called pleasures of the greater part of Mankind are counterfeit.

There is a microscopic minority which is eager to understand the riddle of life; they try to analyse their enjoyments.
The General condition of mankind is to be pitied;they are satisfied to taste delight,not knowing whence it comes, or by what power it is bestowed.
He who is without hope requires love and faith. Love and faith cannot be  separated from hope, they are the three torches which spread the light together; they are interdependent; the one without the others can not exist.

According to the Sufi Mystics, Silence is good.

Silence from words is an ordinary type of silence; such a type of silence may save an individual from the evil of inordinate speaking.
Silence from Desires is better than the former because it gives rest to desires and passions and is conducive to quietness of spirit.
But the silence that is best is the escape from wandering thoughts; this type of silence confers internal peace,which is very necessary for internal recollection.

Thus armour of Sufi mystics is not made of Iron.

Faith turns the Discords of the past into the harmonies of the future.
Discretion is the necessary ingredient of all the virtues without which they degenerate into folly and excess.
The triumph of human intelligence lies in knowing that perfection does not exist anywhere.

A Sufi mystic is the heir to spiritual enlightenment.

He holds together with truth and strives and fights for it;   he has no fear and doesn’t expect favour.
He is not grieved; neither is he a coward, nor weary, nor fainthearted. He conquers against odds; to him nothing is difficult.
For something to be difficult means that it will take a little time; to be impossible, for him, means that it will take a little more time.
He is happy if he has struck a good bargain; and, if he has exercised his discretion in an appropriate and befitting manner, he receives light, Forgiveness and mercy,because he has refused to compromise with his inordinate desires.
He is at peace with himself and makes peace with others; he avoids despair.
He asks for no exemption from danger; he abstains from doubts and diffidence; he avoids suspicions and spying; he loves Truth and likes the Truth to be spread.  He does not sit on the fence calculating the Weather,but instead moves on with unflagging zeal, and reposes his trust in God.
His conserving of energy is meant for doing good to the people and to raise the standard of living. To him,raising the standard of living is not an economic problem,but a higher standard of living implies sweetness, simplicity, beauty and light. He is there at his post to raise at the opportune moment to save the toiling, tumbling and troubled humanity from falling into the pit of despair,despondency and decay.
He understands his message and he knows his mission; his message is simple ” Live for others”.

A sufi Mystic has voluntarily accepted his Role.

It is to bring light where there is darkness pervading;it is to give hope to the hopeless; to guide the wayfarer; to act as a sign post to the waylaid; to console the afflicted;to comfort the aggrieved, and to give one simple smile, and one word of encouragement to those who look up to him eagerly with longing, lingering looks, inviting his sympathy.
A Sufi Mystic serves, teaches, guides and inspires those who come in contact with him. His uniform behaviour is akin to the rays of the sun falling on the palace of king or on the cottage of the poor, on the crystal clear waters of the fountain and on the ugly heap of dirt thus making no distinction.
Truth is indivisible, inalienable and absolute; it has shone and it shines; it is as white as the snow on the Himalayas.

(This is a series of postings to come on the subject of Sufi Mysticism. The postings will give in depth knowledge in the complete world & ultimate sphere of Sufi spirituality).

Quranic verses used to remedy all forms of issues.

For many years now many people have been lead to believe that Quranic verses should not be used as Talisman ( To wear around the neck) or, to drink such water or food blessed with these verses after reading and blowing on the product to be consumed.
Many Islamic School of thoughts around the globe prohibit this  and call it Bid’ah (Innovation). However  in the sufi world the blessed Quranic verses have been used  not only to help in many issues but also assist people of other faiths with immense success. This practice by the Sufi world has been going on for centuries,since time immemorial.   So those against the  permissibility  of using Quranic verses are actually infact depriving them self . Especially when people of other faiths are using them with great success & immense achievement. 
After some research we found one sect of Islam “Ahl al-Hadith” also known as “Wahhabism” who propagate against Wearing Talismans and Sufi Healing anatomy were actually encouraging “Aytul Kursi” (A Quranic verse)  to be read upon food and if necessary to be hung around the neck of a person. We found this evidence from one of their school text books as below:

Appeal page  by the institute in-front of the book (Kitaab)

Page showing Ayat (Verses) can be used in many ways.
Page in the “Ahl al-Hadith”(Wahhabism) Kitaab showing that Quranic verses (Aayat) can be used in many ways to resolve many issues. This contradicts the Wahhabi school of thought which is completely against wearing Talisman or using Quranic Aayat for means of blessing food or otherwise.

I thought to write this article since the faith in using Quranic Aayat to remedy many issues in ones life is diminishing fast. This is because of lack of knowledge & wisdom in the current climate of the world. The Sufi faith in spirituality that is one of the oldest forms of Islam is submerged into mist and doubt by corrosive ideologist’s that are  out to harm & rid the Sufi way of life & faith.
Caution: Quranic verses are no childs paly. These verses are immensely holy and extremely powerful. The understanding of such verses is not in everyone’s reach or aptitude. Therefore we strongly suggest contacting a spiritual practitioner whom can prescribe you spiritual scripts in a manner appropriate to you. Some of these verses are powerful & can affect people differently so seek advice and don’t venture on your own.. You have been WARNED!!!
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Instruction for a Disciple from Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty (R.A) – Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A)


Dome of Ajmer Sharif Dargah
Dome of Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Baba Farid Ganj Shakar quotes Hazrat Khwaja Qutubudddin Kaki as saying: ” That Once he was offering genuflexions and when thus in prayer he was called by his spiritual Teacher, Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty. He on hearing the call ,at once replied ” Coming Sir”. When he went to him, Khwaja Sahib asked him what he was doing. Thereupon Khwaja Qutubuddin submitted that he was offering genuflexions and that on hearing Khwaja Sahibs  call, giving up prayers, he rushed to him.
Thereupon Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A) said “You did well. Better that genuflexions is the act that you did. It is of utmost importance in the spiritual domain that one should, repose implicit confidence and faith in one’s Spiritual Teacher”.

Chishty  Niazi silsila, Charatristics in a Desciple

   Chishty Niazi is a name of a specific Spiritual Sufi lineage. An individual embarking on allegiance to this way of spiritual enhancement can expect changes in his/her individuals Characteristics as spelt out using the two words Chishty Niazi below:
C =Charitable
H=Hospitality, Humble
S=Seeker, Submitted,
A=Awareness, Achiver
  These are Characteristic factors that are acquired through spiritual attention from your spiritual master .

The Remembrance of God (Ziker) Yaad -E-Illahi!

The Practices

Sufi masters (Pir-o-Murshid) stress Ziker (remembrance of God), for it grounds the belief, knowledge, and faith of the seeker by focusing his or her attention on God. One of the fundamental commands of God is to do Ziker as often as possible until continual awareness of the Divine Presence is established. God revealed to Prophet Moses, “Verily, I – I alone – am God; there is no deity save Me, Hence worship Me alone and be constant in prayer so as to remember Me!”.(Qur’an 20:14). This command for Zike has extended to all generations, although the forms of dhikr have varied with time and place.

The Companions (R.A.) of the Prophet Muhammad did not perform Ziker as a formal technique, for one look from the Prophet (PBUH) could elevate a person’s consciousness. When Islamic teachings were compiled after the Prophet’s death, individuals who sought a state of remembrance similar to that achieved by the companions found in Ziker a critical means. They designated Ziker a core practice of Sufism and set about identifying the most effective ways to perform it.

Ziker may be recited Jalli (aloud) or Khafi (silently in the heart). Some orders stress the former, while others emphasize the latter. Both types of Ziker offer the same benefits. They differ only in technique. Both forms also find justification in guidance given by the Prophet Muhammad. Some orders do Ziker while standing, some while sitting in a certain posture, and some while moving. Shaykhs introduced these variations to intensify the Ziker.

Through Ziker, Sufi Spiritual masters (Pir-O-Murshid) train students to purify their hearts and souls. The Pir-O-Murshid’s role is to guide seekers to the original remembrance; to enable them to become continuously and spontaneously aware of the Divine Presence in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of life, in the outer and inner realms.

To remember God throughout day-to-day life is far more valuable than periodically making a show of remembrance. Ziker is not a ceremony. It is the very object of life. The person who remembers God finds happiness; the person who forgets finds only desolation. Forgetfulness is the petrifying force that turns a tree to stone. In contrast, through Ziker, the aspirant achieves the mercy of God and the angels, purity of spirit, and adornment of the soul. Progress becomes easy, and the seeker draws near to the Almighty, for God has said, Remember Me and I shall remember you. (Qur’an 2:152).

Sufi science in a nut shell 

Sufi Science Diagram
The above diagram illustrates the science of Sufism in a nutshell

There are several branches of knowledge or sciences in Islam. All of which have been derived from the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah. Some of these branches of science include Science of Fiqh, Science of Hadith, Science of Tafseer, Science of Tajweed …etc.
Sufism, also known as Tasawwuf, is also a science in Islam and one who seeks to acquire this knowledge is called a Salik, Mureed, Disciple. We will often use the word “Mureed” on our site.
Sufism is a spiritual path in Islam which one travels in order to recognise and attain closeness to Allah (swt). Commonly known as Marifut and Qurb of Allah (swt). Treading this path develops the spiritual faculties of man for realisation of Divine Realities, the truth. Ultimately, one becomes a Friend of Allah (swt).
To fulfill this objective one begins by taking Bai’ah meaning “Oath of Allegiance” from one who has already travelled this path i.e a Friend of Allah (swt). They are also known by titles such as Murshid, Pir, Sheikh, Sufi Master, Saint, Sage etc .We will often use “Sheikh” .
After taking the oath of allegiance, in the hands of a Sheikh, there are many variations as to how the Sheikh will guide his Murid to Allah (swt). These varying methods are known as Tariqahs or Sufi Orders.
The following four principles, however, are emphasised and form the basis of all legitimate tariqahs:
Full adherence to Shariah: The Islamic Law
Observance of all Sunnah.
Remembrance of Allah (swt).
Code of Love & Discipline
Sufism is confined within the boundary of Shariah, Islamic Law. This has ten stations. The path towards Allah (swt) is called Tariqah. This also has Ten Stations.  The speed at which one travels the path of tariqat which results in purification of the heart is based on one’s commitment & adherence to:
i) Following the Sunnah fervently
ii) Performing Zikr & Meditation regularly
iii) Sitting in the company of one’s Sheikh often.
When one has been purified from all spiritual and character blemishes one will have arrived at Haqiqat. Haqiqat also has ten stations.  Once this has been gained true, sincere and complete love of Allah (swt) & His Rasul (saw) will be realised and one will have been blessed with the Qurb (nearness) and Marifat (recognition) of Allah (swt). You will understand you have gained Marifat because it also has ten stations.
At this point you will have fulfilled your purpose of life!
This site has been configured to introduce you to the theoretical and practical aspects of Sufism & to encourage you to take a step in this direction.

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