Sadaqah (Charity)

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Sadaqah, meaning ‘charity’, is the concept of voluntary giving. Sadaqah encompasses any act of charitable giving done out of compassion, love, friendship or generosity. It can be given to anyone, and it has no limits or guidelines.
If the person giving Sadaqah knows that the money he is donating will reach Allah first and then the poor person, he will truly gain much more joy in giving rather than taking.
Do you know the benefits of Sadaqah?
Pay particular attention to points 17,18,19 below:
1. Sadaqah is one of the doors from jannah.
2. Sadaqah is the most virtuous action in all good actions, and the best form of Sadaqah is to feed others
3. Sadaqah will be a shade on the day of judgement and it will save a person from the fire.
4. Sadaqah makes the anger of Allah cool and it also cools the heat in the grave.
5. The best and most beneficial gift for a deceased person is Sadaqah and Allah continues to increase the reward of Sadaqah.
6. Sadaqah is a way to purify the soul and increases good deeds.
7. Sadaqah will be a cause of happiness on the day of judgment on the face of the giver.
8. Sadaqah is a source of peace from the dangers of the day of judgement and it doesn’t let you grieve the past.
9. Sadaqah is a means of sins being forgiven and also expiates past sins.
10. Sadaqah is glad tidings of a good death and is also a cause for the duas (Prayers) of the angels.
11. The person who gives sadaqah is from the best of people and all those associated with it will also receive the reward.
12. The person who gives Sadaqah is promised great rewards.
13. The person who spends is counted in those who have piety and people also begin to love him.
14. Giving Sadaqah is a sign of kindness and grace.
15. Sadaqah is a means of duas being accepted and hardships being removed.
16. Sadaqah removes difficulties and closed 70 doors of harm in the world.
17. Sadaqah is a means of age and wealth being increased and is also a means of success and provision.
18. Sadaqah is a cure and a medicine.
19. Sadaqah prevents theft, a bad death, burns from fire and drowning.
20. Sadaqah is rewarded, even if it is on animals and birds.

Loh-e-Qurani . What are they?

Loh – E – Qurbani 

(1) These are called Huroof-e-Muqattaah (abbreviated letters at the beginning of chapters). Theses are rumooz (codes), only Allah knows their meanings, and we believe in whatever their meanings are. People should not pursue to know their meanings. As far as the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) knew their meanings or not is not actually a concern here, the Ulama say that may be the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) knew the meaning and was stopped to reveal to the people. It is a matter of reward and blessing to recite these words. However, the prevailing custom to hang Loh-e-Qurani at homes and shops amounts  to desecrating the Quranic verses when people touch them with hands without ablution which is unlawful.
(2) Loh-e-Qurani contains 14 words which are in the beginning of the Surahs, they find mention in 29 Surahs. In some traditions, the comprehensive meanings of some of the letters have been indicated. As per the experience of some pious men, these letters are a matter of blessing, helpful to protect form troubles and to earn abundant livelihood. The indications given in the Hadith support all these. It is lawful to hang Loh-e-Qurani with reverence or to wear it while being studded in a ring, but it is essential to protect it form desecration.

Sufiana Zeenatain (Urdu)

بسْــــــــــــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم
ا لسَـــــــلاَمُ عَلَيــْــكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكـَـاتُۃ
🌍Duniya Ki Zeenatain:
 💫. Maa Aur Baap
 💫. Naik AuLaad
 💫. Naik Biwi
 💫. Humdard Dost,
🕋 Aakhirat Ki Zeenatain:
 💫. ILm
💫. Taqwa
 💫. Sadqa
 💫. Huqooq-uL-Ebaad ,
 Jism Ki Zeenatain:
 💫. Kum Khana
 💫. Kum Sona
 💫. Kum BoLna
 💫. Kum Hansna
 💖DiL Ki Zeenatain
 💫. Sabr
 💫. Zikr
 💫. Shukr
 💫. Ghour-o-Fikar,
🕋 EMAAN Ki Zeenatain:
 💫. Haya
 💫. Pakeez’gi
 💫. Suchaai
 💫. AdaB,
🕋 ALLAH Rab-uL-Izzat Aap’ko Tamaam Zeenaton Se Aarasta Farmaye..!!…AAMEEN
👉Kuch Baatien Jinse 🕋 ALLAH PAAK Sakht Naraz Hota Hai..
👉. Aulad Ko Gaali Dena, khaas kar Beti ko..
👉. DiL Main Bughz Rakhna.
👉. Mehman Ko Dekh Ke Muh Banana..
👉. Azan Ke Waqt Kam Main Masrof Rehna..
👉. Maa Baap Ki AqaL Ko Kosna..
👉. Namaz Ke Baad Duwa Na Mangna..
👉. Khade Ho Ke Pani Pina..
✒9 باتیں جو روزمرہ زندگی میں  بهت فائدہ مند ہیں:
9 batein jo roz zindagi mein bahut faidamand hain.
🍒اگر خوشی چاهتے هو تو( وقت پر نماز ادا کرو)…
🍒Agar khushi chahtey ho tou waqt par IBADAT karo.
🍒اگر چہرے کو پر رونق بنانا چاهتے هو تو( تہجد پڑهو…)
🍒 Agar cheray ko pur ronaq banana chahtey ho tou TAHAJUD NAMAZ parho.
🍒اگر سکون چاهتے هو تو( قرآن کی تلاوت کرو)…
🍒Agar sukoon chahtey ho tou QUR’AAN parho.
🍒اگر صحت چا هتے هو تو (روزہ رکهو) 
🍒Agar sehat chahtey ho tou ROZA rakho.
🍒اگر مصيبتوں کا حل چاهتے هو تو (استغفار کرو)…
🍒Agar musibatoon ka hal chahtey ho tou ISTAGFAAR karo.
🍒اگر برکت چاهتے ہو تو( درود پڑهو)…
🍒Agar barkat chahtey ho to DUROOD parho.
🍒اگر مشکلات ختم کرنا چاهتے هو تو پڑهو (لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللہ )…
🍒Agar mushkilat khatam karna chahtey ho tou LA HAWLA WALA QUWATA ILLA BILLA parho.
🍒اگر غموں سے نجات چاهتے هو تو    (دعا مانگو)…   
🍒Agar ghanaoo sey nijaat chahtey ho tou DUA MANGO.

Sufi Wisdom

Imam Ghazali told story of a man walking in the jungle. A roaring lion ran towards him and the man ran as fast as he could to escape from it. He noticed a well in front of him and he jumped inside hoping to escape from the lion.
As he was falling inside the well, he grabbed onto the rope and saved himself. The man was so relieved but when he looked down he saw a big snake at the bottom of the well. It had its jaws wide open ready to swallow him up.
The man then looked up and saw two mice nibbling at the rope. A black mouse and a white were both chewing into the rope. The scary lion was still prowling outside the well.
The man’s heart was pounding as he wondered how he could escape from this. Then he noticed a honeycomb in front of him which had delicious honey dripping from it. He stuck his finger into the honey and put it inside his mouth. It was delicious and for a moment he forgot about the lion, the snake and the two mice chewing at the rope.
Imam Ghazali explained that the lion is like the angel of death which is always looming above us. The snake was like his grave which all humans will face. The black mouse and white mouse were like the day and night which are always nibbling at our life (the rope). The honey was like this dunya  (World)  which with its momentary sweetness makes us forget the death and the eternal life.

Mehfil -e- Sama

SAMA is not an entertaining game but is the secret of the Almighty.
✍ The murshid of Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz, Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni Chishti says : “Sama is one of the secrets of the Almighty”.
During the highest state of Sama, there is no intermediary between God & his slave. Just as grains, fruits & vegetables are food for the body, so good fragrance, good thoughts & good sound are food for the soul.
➊ Mehfil-e-Sama Khuda ka Raaz hai.
➋ Jab Mehfil apne poore Uruj (Oonchayi) par hoti hai tab Bande aur Maula k beech koi duriya nahi rehti.
➌ Jis tarah Khana humari Jus an I Giza hai usi tarah Mehfil-e-sama Baatini (Roohani) Giza hai.
🌹 Ganj-ul-Asrar

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